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Stick It, Fuck It, Breed It, Leave It / Поймал, выебал, кончил, ушел (Max Sohl, Treasure Island Media) [2014 г., amateur/unregular actor, regular/ripper body, unshaved, oral, rimming, anal, bareback, cumshots, breeding, DVDRip]

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Stick It, Fuck It, Breed It, Leave It / Поймал, выебал, кончил, ушел
Год производства: 2014 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: amateur/unregular actor, regular/ripper body, unshaved, oral, rimming, anal, bareback, cumshots, breeding
Продолжительность: 01:45:56
Режиссер: Max Sohl
Студия: Treasure Island Media
В ролях: Jay Banks, Antonio Biaggi, Morgan Black, Billy Blanco, Sam Bridle, Christian, Peto Coast, DJ, Dolf Dietrich, Esteban, Gangsta-Pussy, Hot Rod, Keiran, Jacob Lee, Mike Massey, Leu Nabuco, Will Naples, Samson, Drew Sebastian, Wes Stevens, Jason Stryker, Ryan Sneaux, Sean Storm, Gallo Vento, Sewperman
Описание: Treasure Island Media men don’t make love. They fuck. They want to get off. They need cum in their holes. Pump and dump, dump and run, hit it and bounce – STICK IT FUCK IT BREED IT LEAVE IT is men using other men.
Lots of familiar faces like CHRISTIAN, PETO COAST, DJ, KEIRAN, DREW SEBASTIAN, JACOB LEE and HOT ROD – the video also has tons of new faces and TIM debuts from a ton of daddy boys, twinks and skater punks including DOLF DIETRICH, JASON STRYKER, BILLY BLANCO, SAMSON, SAM BRIDLE, WES STEVENS, RYAN SNEAUX and so many more. Included as a special bonus is the last porn appearance of SEWPERMAN who joins forces with ANTONIO BIAGGI to wreck SEAN STORM’s hole with a couple of loads for the road.
Special thanks to ROCKBAR NYC!

Описание сцен

  • Bathhouse Breeding (BILLY BLANCO, WILL NAPLES)

    The dance has been played out for years. Men dressed only in towels wander hallways looking for sex. A young man waits for someone – anyone – to come in and fuck his holes. If he is lucky he will take multiple loads in a chance encounter of need and lust. WILL NAPLES waits in his cubicle excuse for a room at a local NYC bathhouse to fulfill his desire for cum. BILLY BLANCO enters and takes full advantage of the situation. A momentary heat fulfilling a never ending desire and almost as soon as it has begun, it is over. Until the next hard dick comes along.
  • Call Back Later, I’m Busy Getting Fucked (DREW SEBASTIAN, JACOB LEE)

    Bareback at the bar. Alpha top DREW SEBASTIAN puts beta bottom JACOB LEE through his paces. He demands the boy worship his cock with his lips and tongue then orders him to drop his pants and bend over the bar. Jacob is quickly pinned up against the wood taking Drew’s huge dick balls deep begging for that load of cum that will make his hole full and sticky. Jacob cleans up the big cock with his mouth and Drew is on his way.

    You know the drill. Door is left open, bottom is found ass up face down in a hotel room lubed and ready for cock and cum. New TIM whore WES STEVENS quickly has JASON STRYKER’s 10.5-inch uncut third leg buried deep in his insides. Pounding him on all fours, spread eagled and on his back before finally squirting his juice and leaving the well-used bottom’s hole gaping and wet with cum.

    LÉU NABUCO has to take a piss. GALLO VENTO stalks and follows him into the toilet. Two horny Brazilians, side by side at the urinal checking each other’s dicks out. Boners happen. Pants drop lower. Léu is soon bent over grabbing his ankles as Gallo is ramming his hard cock in and out of his hole.
  • 7 Minutes in Heaven (PETO COAST, KEIRAN, MIKE MASSEY)

    Hard to believe that PETO COAST and KEIRAN had never met each other. Both men were visiting NYC at the same time and they wanted to take turns on a fuckhole together. MIKE MASSEY was eager and willing in the ultimate case of “be careful what you wish for.” The idea of being fucked at the same time by Peto and Keiran sounds good on paper – but when their two massive cocks are unrelentingly destroying your hole and won’t let up until they shoot? That’s a whole different ball game. Mike writhes in simultaneous pleasure and torture that sure sounds like heaven.
  • Basement Breeding (HOT ROD, DOLF DIETRICH)

    DOLF DIETRICH is a horny little cumslut begging for sperm (and by little we mean all 6 foot 5 inches of him). HOT ROD is always looking for a tight spot that can handle the meaty girth of his cock. Down in the basement of a local bar these two men go at it --- Hot Rod taking full advantage of a bitch in heat, uncompromisingly slamming the man’s ass. Dolf is willing to succumb as his hole expands to accommodate the needs of a man who needs to unload.
  • It's Fucking Big (CHRISTIAN, ESTEBAN)

    ESTEBAN’s horse cock meets our bottomless hole hero CHRISTIAN. The euro-stud was visiting New York, and let’s face it there is only one ass that can take a good pounding from that huge dick and beg for more. Even Christian is surprised when he gets his first up close look at that monster. I have seen Christian take a lotta dick over the years and this is the first one I have seem him struggle to take balls deep. Esteban shows no mercy – he just wants to squirt and squirt he does --- all up in Christian’s finely opened guts.
  • He Wants My Load (SAM BRIDLE, JAY BANKS)

    Hipster SAM BRIDLE is a boy who needs to empty his balls often. He’s always on the prowl for a warm moist place to put his beautiful thick uncut dick. JAY BANKS knows how to get down on all fours and stick his ass up in the air with his sweet hole exposed signaling he is ready to be used and bred. Sam gets his cock up in the tight crack and pounds it out to get that boy stuff shooting. He’s so horny once the hole is all messy he can’t help himself and cums again.
  • Lubricator / Drop the Kids Off (GANGSTA-PUSSY, SAMSON, MORGAN BLACK)

    SAMSON is straight - but on the down low he doesn’t mind sticking his massive uncut Latino dick in a tight hole. He made a couple of special requests: first he wanted a nice big black booty to fuck and second, he wanted it pre-lubed with someone else’s cum. GANGSTA-PUSSY is known for his velvet ebony pussy that will swallow and milk any meat within walking distance. MORGAN BLACK stops by first on his lunch break to provide the sperm lube. Morgan loves a quick gush and go. He was immediately boned at the idea of making cum lube for someone else and shoots his load in Gangsta’s pussy fast. Once Samson gets his manhood in it doesn’t take long before you can see all of Morgan’s babies swimming around his cock. It is so well-spermed Samson digs in deep and creates a Morgan/Samson cum cocktail.
  • Flesh Will Surrender (DJ, RYAN SNEAUX)

    Cocksucking whore RYAN SNEAUX is looking for loads. He is the perfect sub who knows what his holes are there to be used for. Roaming the Manhattan streets for dick he finds the perfect partner in DJ. He demands that he be serviced, licked and sucked. When DJ is ready he prepares the hole that he is about to abuse – slides his tongue up in there to get it good and ready. Suddenly without warning the former military stud stands and barrels it in shoving his cock balls deep into its destination. DJ doesn’t just use a hole. He slams and pounds it hard and without mercy. He doesn’t give a fuck he takes a fuck because he needs to cum he sledgehammers his cock deeper and deeper until he releases every drop of his man jizz. Satisfied and spent gentleman that he is, he says thanks, dresses and goes.
  • Quarter To 3 (SEAN STORM, ANTONIO BIAGGI, SEWPERMAN) бонусная сцена, в данном релизе ОТСУТСТВУЕТ!

    SEAN STORM is on a fuckbench becoming a human lazy susan as he is passed around, back and forth between two hot studs ANTONIO BIAGGI and SEWPERMAN. They both destroy Sean’s hole leaving it a red, raw, gaping mess covered in man splooge. Quarter to 3 marks Sewperman’s final porn performance and it shows off everything he loved about performing for the cameras.
Качество видео: DVDRip
Формат видео: MP4
Видео кодек: H.264/AVC
Аудио кодек: AAC
Видео: AVC, 854x480, 01:45:56.550, 2 001 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Аудио: AAC LC, 48.0 KHz, 157 Kbps, 2 channels


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